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Éric Monfils,

Mutual fund representative with Assante Financial Management Ltd.

Financial Security Advisor with Assante Estate and Insurance Services Inc. and 7230699 Canada Inc.

Offered services

  • Young professional
  • Entrepreneur
  • Medical workers
  • Wealth planning

Planning one’s financial future isn’t just about numbers; for Eric, it is the people and dreams behind the numbers that matter most.

Having worked in the financial services field for nearly 25 years, Eric now oversees the assets of more than 200 families and entrepreneurs.

Eric holds an MBA in Financial Services and a Bachelor of Administration; he enjoys nature and is known for his integrity, authenticity and people skills. He is particularly appreciated by his peers and clients for his dry sense of humour and his professionalism.

Eric helps his clients achieve peace of mind and realize their dreams for the future. Whether it’s guidance in building a worry-free retirement, saving for children’s education, fulfilling a life plan, running a successful business, or leaving a legacy for loved ones or a cherished cause, Eric is with his clients every step of the way in forging a successful future.

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